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UPDATE: BizArk v3 is now available on GitHub! Check it Out or read about the update here.


BizArk Toolkit is a container for different reusable things.

BizArkCore features:

  • Simple but powerful command-line argument parsing. See Command-line Parsing.
  • Console application with command-line parsing Console application with command-line parsing and validation
  • Robust data-type conversion class. Handles many types of conversions that the built-in .Net conversion class cannot. See Data Type Conversions.
  • WebHelper class, similar to the WebClient, but supports multiple-file uploads, setting the timeout to something other than the default, and allows customization of the request. See Web Helper.
  • String templates allow you to used named arguments in a string instead of numeric place holders while still getting the formatting capabilities of String.Format. See String Templates.
  • Data caching with built-in time-out and memory management.
  • Simple class factory for replacing types with other types.
  • Application object provides simplified access to the typical applicaion attributes, cache, and file utilities based on the application (temp directory, relative to app path, etc)
  • A mime type map that can be used to get a mime type based on a file extension. This map defaults to the Apache Mime.Types file.
  • Use embedded fonts or fonts from a file with FontUtil.
  • Manage your database access using the Database class. It can return strongly typed values with the ExecuteScalar<T> functions and you can use the Select<T> method to map an IDataReader to an object.
  • Many extension methods (over 160):
    • Array - Shrink, Convert, IndexOf, Contains, Copy
    • PropertyDescriptor - GetAttribute
    • Type - GetAttribute, Implements (checks if type implements an interface), IsDerivedFrom, Instantiate (creates a new instance of the type)
    • Assembly - GetAttribute
    • Object - GetAttribute, Convert, GetValue (gets a property value using reflection)
    • Size - Resize (proportional resize given max width and height)
    • Exception - GetDetails (full log of exception)
    • Image - Open (opens Image in default application), GetExtension (gets the appropriate file extension for an Image), Resize (proportionally resizes image)
    • String - Wrap (wraps a string based on a max char count), Lines (returns an array of strings delimited by newline), Words (returns an array of strings delimited by white space), F
    • Xml - Easily get and set values in an XmlDocument.
    • Web - Encode/decode html and url strings.
    • Format - Convenient methods for formatting numeric values, a shortcut for string.Format, and a shortcut for String Templates.
    • Data - Methods to get typed values from IDataReader, DataRow, and DataRowView. Uses ConvertEx to convert values if necessary.

Available on nuget in two packages:

BizarkToolKit: the full toolkit 

Bizark.Core: contains the command-line parsing component



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