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BizArk Version 3 Now Available On NuGet! (beta)

Apr 17 at 12:35 AM
I'm excited to announce that the beta for BizArk version 3 is now available on NuGet. Every class has been reviewed and updated to take advantage of the latest .Net framework and language features. Features that are no longer needed due to improvements in .Net or where better projects exist that deal with that issue were removed.

The command-line parser has been broken out into it's own project (look for BizArk.ConsoleApp in NuGet). The parser is a complete rewrite with a lot of improvements. It is now easier than ever to define a set of typed command-line arguments and use them in your code. The automatic help text is also improved.

NOTE: This is a major update and will almost definitely break existing code. If you do update, please make sure you have a backup of your code that you can go back to if you decide not to upgrade to version 3. The upgrade path isn't too difficult, but if you rely on a feature that is no longer available, you might need to rethink how it works or continue using version 2.